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02 September 2007 @ 04:22 pm
Hey! This is the home of The Prince of Tennis/Bleach Crossover Community, or just BuriPuri.

This community came about because faire_estela is crazy of the Bleach/PoT comment!fic Ria wrote. Unsurprisingly she sucked me into Bleach not too long after I discovered that Byakuya has the same seiyuu as Tezuka. And well, Byakuya and Tezuka. Captains. Toast. Together.



Then over a few more comment!fics and dragging in nekokatechan the world started growing and and we thought it'd be fun to start a community to encourage more BuriPuri fic/art. The possibilities are endless.

Remember to read the rules first before posting anything! Thank you for joining and we hope you have fun. Contribute to the community! The crack compels you~ :3

Post any questions/affiliation requests here.